BART Rider updated! Pin stations or favorites to your start screen!

Next major release of BART Rider is out and includes several neat changes to make getting around the Bay Area even easier!

This new version takes advantage of several Mango updates that improve application performance – you’ll see that the station list now looks a little different but should scroll much quicker than before (maybe a little too quick – the updated control won’t render the contents if you scroll too quickly…I’ll have to find a fix for that sometime)

The list looks nicer and provides additional station information.  Also updated is the station detail page.  You’ll notice that the page includes a handy pin icon – clicking that icon will place a tile on your start screen so you can quickly get to the station Live Arrival info!

Also updated is the Trip Favorite feature.  You can now also pin Trip Favorites to your start screen as well!

And finally, BART Rider is now completely FREE to use (ad supported) and not limited in any way!  Purchasing the app will get rid of those pesky ads!

View BART Rider info or download it from the Windows Phone Marketplace



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